Get in The Drivers Seat and Earn Money Driving With Taxi Bern

Minimal Effort, Countless Possibilities

    Fleet & Transfer Management
    We give you free access to partner platform where you can create your schedule and coordinate your vehicles. Start using the platform, simply by clicking the “Get started” button above!
    Increasing Efficiency
    Instead of sending one by one transfer, we offer most suitable ones to avoid “empty miles” on your vehicles, and maximize efficiency of each driver. Best part is that most work is done for you, all you do is drive!
    Admin & Driver App
    Using one account, Admins can manage the transfers and coordinate the vehicles, while drivers can track their transfers and communicate with admins more easily. Work could not get any easier with our app.

    Tools That Drive Success

    Powerful Coordination Driven by Machine Learning
    That Helps You Achieve The Highest Efficiency

    How it Works

    A Formula For Incredible Business Growth


    Schedule coordination

    Manage your vehicles and transfers, receive transfers from Connecto and all in one place!

    Driver’s app

    Keep track of your driver’s location via GPS and coordinate your vehicles effortlessly.

    Financial review

    Simple but detailed review of all transfers in monthly payout statements.

    Empowering Businesses Across The Globe

    Laying The Foundation for Over 20,000 Companies

    Ryan Johnson

    CEO at NewYorkTaxi

    Using Connecto's partner system has helped me and my team achieve incredible growth in just a year. Coordination is flawless. anytime you're in a vehicle you're making money which makes efficiency concerns a thing of the past.

    Enzo McLean

    Dispatcher at Paris Logistics

    “Connecto's partner interface helps me coordinate rides effortlessly. The interface is intuitive and the communication between logistics and drivers is done really well. Thank god I’m not using excel spreadsheets anymore.”

    Kyaw Aarzoo

    Driver at Singapore Mobility

    “As a driver, my job is 10 times less stressful than it used to be. Everything I need is in the palm of my hand. Luckily, there’s no more calling the office and asking for instructions on anything. The communication is done simply through actions in the app itself.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Let's Clear Out Any Concerns You Might Have

    Who and where we are?

    Taxi Bern is a private door-to-door transfer service specializing in airport and city transfers.

    After over a decade of constant growth and expansion, we are present throughout Europe, with particularly strong market positions in Switzerland.

    We have recently begun to expand into markets beyond the borders of Europe to other continents.

    What are the requirements for joining?

    If you are courteous and skilled driver looking to receive more transfers on daily basis, join Connecto!

    Our partners receive free access to our platform. The platform is easy to use and offers option to tailor your work day schedule, supervise your drivers, and control billing and payments.

    What do we offer?

    We offer access to our easy-to-use platform and app for drivers, designed for vehicle and transfer schedule control.

    Using the app, you can accept or decline transfers, as well update availability, which means you get to organize your work day.

    Guaranteed efficiency growth by receiving transfers from Taxi Bern in accordance to your own transfer schedule.

    Our Partnership agents are always available to support you through questions regarding cooperation, transfers, or the app.

    How to start?

    The question is, what are YOU waiting for?!

    Starting is easy, click the “Get Started” button, send us your details and we will contact you back with all information you need!